i try to explain my issue.

I created a folder in sharepoint then added some excel file (xls). Now i want to export the list of the link of all items, but NOT in that way https://mywebsite.sharepoint.com/Folder/File1.xls, https://mywebsite.sharepoint.com/Folder/File2.xls...

I want the link for opening directly on line so i click on the item, get a link, wait some seconds and i have the url like this: https://mywebsite.sharepoint.com/:x:/s/nlitteam/ETNfR_9hXmBFvLVoaW_tdgIBugTU6eVVgJdf01nLEWzNKw?e=wHdpLo

and that's i want, but for all items (they are more than 200) i cannot do this operation for each one, otherwise i will become old.

I imagine there is a way to get all the links in that way for all items on the folder, but searching the web i cannot find any on that, also if I export in excel, i get the link in that way (https://mywebsite.sharepoint.com/Folder/File1.xls) but i don't want this!!

Please, help me

  • So do you want the urls to open up the Online version of Excel? – Anand Jan 15 '19 at 16:57
  • Are you just trying to get a URL that will open the document in Excel Online? If so, just add ?web=1 to the end of the link with the filename - i.e. https://mywebsite.sharepoint.com/Folder/File2.xls?web=1. – Mike Insch Jan 15 '19 at 17:00

It is simple. Since you are exporting to an excel, all you have to do is to create a new column which is a calculated one and it would combine the existing url & append "?Web=1" at the end


Existing Url Column in Excel (assuming its Column H): https://server/documents/file.xlsx

New calculated column: H + "?Web=1" Final result would be: https://server/documents/file.xlsx?Web=1

I just tested it and it works.

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