Is it possible to export a .txt file once the item is approved? I'm doing it using a VBA code on the excel file. This code refresh the excel automatically and export each row to a new .txt file.

Is it possible to do this using workflows? This method above is not really good.

Thank you all!

  • What environment are you using? Is this on-premises or SharePoint Online? If it's Online, have you considered using Microsoft Flow to handle the approval, and to create the text file you need in a SharePoint document library once the approval succeeds? – Mike Insch Jan 15 at 15:17
  • Online, then as Mike says Flows are the way forward. If on premise, then write a custom workflow or try to find codeplex workflow actions. – Anand Jan 15 at 17:21
  • Is it possible to edit a sharepoint designer workflow with custom code? How can I do this? I'm using sharepoint on premises – Eddie Jan 15 at 17:30

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