I am working on an InfoPath form that has the ability to select a button that will open an email.

The email script is done in a concat function. In the function text is the URL to where the form is located in sharepoint. The URL for the form has white spaces. I use the % encoding to represent the white spaces - %20. When the email comes up the URL stops at the first %20 (white space).


concat code:


Looks like this in the email:

http://www-c-hhj.ilu.llou.edu/SE/CPE/CPE Forms/G5 rtn high/good break

How do I avoid the URL from "breaking"?


I found the solution by testing different characters. The key point i did not realize was that the "%20" in the URL name is literal and does not represent a white space for the URL. There is no whitespace in the URL string. To use the "%20" as a literal string I needed to code it as %2520 so that the resulting string would include the %20 in the URL string.

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