I've created a Group and now editing the Sharepoint page. I added a RSS connector webpart on the page and configured a RSS feed. The RSS feed works and shows the news for me as an administrator, but when I log in as a Guest user to the Sharepoint page it gives me an error:

Something went wrong.

If the problem persists, contact the site administrator and give them the information in Technical Details.TECHNICAL DETAILSERROR:Cannot read property 'map' of undefined.

CALL STACK:TypeError: Cannot read property 'map' of undefinedat https://spoprod-a.akamaihd.net/files/sp-client-prod_2018-12-28.008/sp-pages-assembly_en-us_d7ad3b6cc7ca5dade18d7594b2c14e86.js:2541:62759at


enter image description here

Any ideas what can be wrong?

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