I'm using SharePoint server 2013 along with SQL server 2012, I have developed a provider hosted app in my development environment. Can anybody tell me how to move my app from development to production environment.


Hello in this link is described how to deploy Provided Hosted Apps https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/russmax/2014/06/26/part-2-intro-to-provider-hosted-apps-develop-package-and-deploy/ .

Hope this helps!


First of all install and configure your Production environment for SharePoint apps.

Then follow below steps:

  • Open http://<SharePoint-Production site>/_layouts/15/appregnew.aspx.
  • Generate client ID and client secret from production site.
  • Open source code in Visual Studio -> add this Client ID, Client Secret and other required details in Web project's web.config file and App project's appmanifest file.
  • Publish app and web project from source code.
  • Upload app file in production site's app catalog site. And host published web files in Production server's IIS or any other dedicated server.

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