I would be really happy if you could help m e. I took on a project to move fileshare to SharePoint at work . The plan is to have one site and different libraries for each deparment . So too see i wanted to migrate IT deparment files size of 43GB. I am running the sharepoint migration tool on the server . Last night before i went to home i started to migration and this morning i have seen this error message.

Would anyone know why ? We have like 2 terabyte space on Sharepoint

This is the error picture

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    Check if the destination site does not have any storage limit. You can find it in tenant-admin.sharepoint.com or in the site collection itself in storage metrics /_layouts/15/storman.aspx – Lukas Nespor Jan 11 at 9:21
  • Is there any files whose size are almost greater than 2 GB or more? If Yes, this tool has limited capabilities. – Dikesh Gandhi Jan 11 at 12:34

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