Hear is a SPFx react webpart ".tsx" file code image

enter image description here

Have you any solution ?

  • modify it to {this.showDialog.bind(this)} and check ? – Gautam Sheth Jan 10 at 10:42
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    @GautamSheth This is not recommended due to performance reasons and tslint in SPFX solution won't even allow it. – Lukas Nespor Jan 10 at 10:51

You have to use arrow function in this.state.items.map this in anonymous function has different context and you would have to bind also the anonymous function itself like:

this.state.items.map(function (item, key) {
    return (
            <button onClick={this.showDialog}>click</button>
        </div >

Correct use:

this.state.items.map((item, key) => 
        <button onClick={this.showDialog}>click</button>
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    @Chandresh if the solution is helpful, please accept the answer. Thanks – Lukas Nespor Jan 10 at 11:08

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