Does anyone know if the action find interval between dates has an issue if the two dates are the same?

I'm managing a project task list that we reset annually. Our tasks are grouped around certain planning sessions that are usually evenly spaced apart, but might shift a week or two because of holidays. I'm writing a site workflow that uses a HTTP get to loop thru all items in the list to copy them forward. The user enters dates as parameters as the new session start dates and the loop checks a choice column to pair the new start date to the next session.

Example: use date interval to compare session start dates with task start dates. task started on the day after of the first session, then the new task start date will be the day after the next first session start date. The same thing happens with due dates.

Problem: it works fine for every task, except the tasks that occur on the same day as the start of the session. On these items the interval result variable doesnt equal 0 like it should, it has the value from the previous loop like the whole step was ignored... and it doesnt trip any errors.

Anyone know why the interval cant seem to return 0 difference?

Only thing i can think of as a workaround is to add 1 second to one of the two dates so they're not the same, but ideally it would just work.

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