I've SharePoint 2010 with info-path forms 2010, after i migrate to SharePoint 2013 i convert Data connection to UDCX file and publish form again, when i click on submit button after filling info-path form the data added to List library successfully but workflow doesn't triggered because when info-path submit the data it fill "Created By" column with system account.

someone in Microsoft recommend to me create a new form and publish it to check if this issue exists, so i create a new form with the same columns name and publish it to same document library it's worked perfectly but the submitted data before are lost. so how can i override the custom columns in old form with the new columns to retain old data that's submitted before or how can i make the info-path form submit the data to form library and filling "Created by" column with the logged-on user not system account thanks in advance

  • This may be tricky. How about creating a new library with form and then just move the records from the old library. Or use old library as archive and new records would be stored in new library? – Marek Sarad Jan 9 at 11:54

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