I am using SharePoint 2016, and InfoPath designer 2013. In InfoPath form, I added a textbox that has Data Type as Date. I changed the formatting of the date to use the English(united kingdom) which will take the form as DD/MM/YYYY. When I preview the form in InfoPath filler the date format is working fine. but when I publish the form to document library and open the form from the browser. the date take DD/MM/YYYY format. In SharePoint site setting, under site administration, in regional setting I changed the locale to English(United Kingdom). when again I run the form again still i see M/D/YYYY format. My question is how to make the date format take the form as DD/MM/YYYY.

  • It may take a moment to take effect after changing the Locale. – Ahmed Bouchaala Jan 8 at 9:08
  • yes, you're right. it needed some time. – Osman Teyeb Jan 8 at 12:45
  • Good, Please Mark your question as Solved – Ahmed Bouchaala Jan 8 at 13:59

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