So I'm trying to sync my SharePoint libraries locally

Originally, when I wanted to do that, I found out that any field/column having the "required" parameter would cause the local sync to lock the files as read only on the computer and prevent any copy / pasting of files into that local folder.

Once the required fields were changed to "optional" the files were available as read/write on my computer.

We wanted to start using the Content Type Hub provisioned with SharePoint Online.

I copied my main site template with it's custom fields and content types onto our Content Type Hub using provisioning commands.

I now have that strange problem. The Content Type Hub seems to work fine, other sites are able to pull the custom columns and content types. I can sync the libraries of those sites to my local computer and everything is fine.

But my main site now locks the synched libraries back to read only.

I have not been able to identify any differences between the main sites fields and content types and the Hub. There should be no difference since one is a copy of the other.

I've read something about versioning maybe creating some issues, but didn't find much about it.

Any suggestions?

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Answering my own question.

Some Columns were set as required again. Need to go in each library, changed the Library Setting Advance settings Then go into "Allow management of content types?" and change it to No

Go back to the Settings and look for columns that has a checkmark in the Required column enter image description here

Change the column settings to Required - No

Then re-enable the Advance Settings, "Allow Management of content types?" Yes

My only question is, is there a way to fix this for all libraries without having to go in each one.

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