I'm facing a problem with SharePoint 2013. I have an internal list with a simple workflow associated that triggers when an item is created. The workflow populates a "users" type field with the string found in a "string" field.

The problem is the customer gave me a wrong look-up for the names and the workflow failed on many items.

Since that happened, I get the error in the title (exception from hresult 0x80040e14) when I try to do any operation.

I can't delete, create or edit items, I can't interact with any object from the SharePoint designer ( i get generic error messages).

If I enter the "workflows settings" from the list section of the ribbon, I can see 154 pending workflows that I'm not able to stop ( same error as the title).

Since I found out that the mentioned exception is usually a reference to the site limit reached, I tried to edit the quota to enlarge it, but I get an error when trying to edit the quota template or when I try to select a larger one.

I tried with a restart of the machine where SharePoint is running, but the 154 pending workflow instances didn't stop.

I couldn't find any reference to this specific problem on the community, I would be glad if someone faced (and solved) the same issue.

Thanks a lot to everyone!

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