Trying to create an app catalog in SharePoint online by following this tut:


Very straightforward process but when I click 'OK' button, it returns me to the 'Apps' page and doesn't create the site collection. Even after waiting for a couple hours, /sites/appcatalog is not created. There is no error thrown and I can repeat this process over and over.

What is happening with the provisioning process? There is no other app catalog in our tenant.

  • Did you check you have sufficient permissions? These kind of actions are often apparently available to the users even if they are not authorized to execute them. – Steve T Jan 4 at 20:07
  • yes, I'm global 0365 admin – Michael Colbs Jan 4 at 20:31

You should already have an App Catalog at: https://yourDomain.sharepoint.com/sites/apps

  • Negative.."404 FILE NOT FOUND" at that URL. Are you saying it's auto created like the Content Type Hub? I don't see /sites/apps in the Admin center either – Michael Colbs Jan 4 at 23:10

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