I want to add an icon to one of my buttons on my SPFx list extension. In the JSON, I can amend this for an url for an icon to my CDN, but how about if I just want to use office fabric UI, any ideas?

"items": {
    "COMMAND_1": {
      "title": { "default": "Print"  },
      "iconImageUrl": "icons/request.png",
      "type": "command"

Above is where you would enter the url if you were going to use a CDN for the icon.

Any ideas ?

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This is currrently a SPFx limitation. You cannot directly use Fabric UI Icons as command set icons in SPFx list extension.

Currently SPFx extension allows you only 2 ways to set extension icon,

1) setting external image icon (which you are already using)

2) Use base-64 encoded image

You create your own image or download the fabric UI image(s) and convert them to Base64 and use that in the iconImageUrl property.

Reference - Configure SPFx extension icon

UserVoice - Allow to use Office UI Fabric Icons and other fonts as Command Set icons

You can upvote the above UserVoice entry.

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