Hope someone can help. I've done so much googling, but a lot of this stuff is over my head. I understand how to use infopath and SharePoint designer workflows (2010 workflows are all I have access to), but implementing code from what I've googled is tough for me without help on where to place it or how to change it for my needs.

So here's the deal. I have a list that acts as a request system. Once a request is completed, I'd like it to copy the attachment (1 or more) from that list item and place it in a document library. In that process, I'd also like to rename the actual filename of the attachment.

The reason for this is folks at work want a document library to reference old files. I told them they can simply use the list as double-duty to reference old files. However, the problem is they need to download the attachments in bulk and share those with external folks. Downloading them in bulk would also mean the filenames would need to make sense upon download so when they're shared people know what the file is.

Is there any way to do this? Thank you for your help!

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