I am expanding my knowledge of sharepoint. When I googled 'examples of list,site, reusable workflows for sharepoint', all I got was the methods to create these workflows with a single example. There isn't clear explanation on which workflows to use on which situation.

It is often confusing which workflow to use for given business logic. For example I have to design a workflow that is going to carry-forward the leaves from current year to next year. I thought to use list workflow to achieve this but I also think it will be better to use reusable workflow to achieve this as the business logic seems similar to an email notification task: https://blog.virtosoftware.com/how-to-create-sharepoint-2013-reusable-workflow/

Which workflow would be best to achieve my goal to implement given business logic?

Also it will be helpful if someone could give me few scenarios on the different workflows.

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A List workflow is associated with a single list and is triggered when the list item is added or edited. Once triggered, it can interact with the current list item, or with other lists. (You could create a "new item" alert that is unique to a single list.)

A Reusable workflow is associated with a Content Type and is available to all list items based on that Content Type. It is triggered and processed the same as a List workflow. (You could create a "new task alert" for all new items based on the Tasks Content Type.)

A Site workflow is not tied to a single list and is manually triggered by a user. This is often used to create a set of list entries in one or more lists for a new customer or project.

As you mentioned SharePoint Online, also take a look a Flow as the next generation of workflows. These are generally triggered the same as a List workflow.

a workflow that is going to carry-forward the leaves from current year to next year

Is this a manually triggered event? Such as once a year on January 1st? If so, then consider a Site workflow.

  • no it will be auto triggered – Sahil Tiwari Jan 3 at 17:47
  • What will trigger it? A user updating a list item? – Mike Smith - MCT - MVP Jan 3 at 18:18
  • i will trigger it by the workflow when I check if the date is last date of year – Sahil Tiwari Jan 3 at 18:23

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