I am unable to publish a simple InfoPath form with one text field to SharePoint 2016 on premises. I am using InfoPath 2013 and I have tried publishing as a new form library using the Publishing Wizard and I've tried publishing to an existing library as a Site Content Type.

The error is: "InfoPath cannot save the following form. This document library was either renamed or deleted, or network problems are preventing the file from being saved."

I am not operating on the server, rather I am working from a development machine using Win 7 Professional SP1. The desktop experience for the server is not relevant I believe. The State Service is running and the SharePoint Enterprise Site and Site Collection features are Active. I am a farm admin and site collection admin.

The only strange and perhaps relevant lines in the ULS logs are "rename to newUrl = MyForm/forms/template.xsn". This is in line with the form I am attempting to publish. My colleague has the same result on a different desktop machine. Thank you.

  • I am still experiencing this issue but something new: this happens only on my Windows 7 Virtual machine. I have a Windows 10 instance and the form publishes fine. – Sean Jan 11 at 15:16

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