I am trying to find a way for a user to "follow" a list or library in SharePoint 2013. Since SharePoint does not support this out of the box, our proposal is to create a hashtag for the library and create a post in the newsfeed with #library. A posting would occur whenever an item has been added or modified in the library. Users would then follow the library's hashtag. The challenge is triggering the creation of the newsfeed post:

  • I tried creating a workflow and using the SharePoint Social REST API however I always get an Unauthorized Exception for any REST calls I make to the Social REST API from the workflow. Other SharePoint REST API calls work fine. I granted the workflow social tenant FullControl permissions but that still didn't help.
  • I tried using hashtags in an Enterprise Keywords column, but these don't seem to post in users newsfeeds
  • I am unable to deploy farm solutions, so custom Event Receivers are not an option for me.
  • I can post to the newsfeed using Javascript / REST API, but this is manually run vs. automatically running on list item creation/modification.

Are there any other solutions for this use case? Should posting to a newsfeed from a workflow work?

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