I'm working in SharePoint 2013.

I created a calculated column of data type = SLOT with the formula:


It works but it's returning the as 2,019 (with a comma).

I tried wrapping the TEXT function around the above formula as follows:


but this returns "05"

I don't have access to Notepad++. I tried to troubleshoot in Excel but with no luck either.

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Change the "The data type returned from this formula is:" to Single line of text and change the formula to this:

=TEXT(IF(MONTH(Created)>9,YEAR(Created)+1,YEAR(Created)), 0)

As to why your formula returned 05...

  1. YEAR(somedate) returns something like 2019.
  2. TEXT(2019, "YY") returns the year for the 2019th day from 12/31/1899, which is in the year 1905. ( 7/11/1905 ) The "YY" then returns the "05" of the "1905". TEXT needs a DATE not just a number.

Two possible solutions:

  • Not using the TEXT function:

    ="" & IF( MONTH(Created)>9, YEAR(Created)+1, YEAR(Created) ) the quotes force the result to text.


    =RIGHT( IF( MONTH(created)>9, YEAR(created)+1, YEAR(created)), 2 ) to only return a two digit year.

  • Using the TEXT function in case you are doing other TEXT formatting: (it needs a DATE not just a year number)

    =TEXT( IF( MONTH(created)>9, DATE(YEAR(created)+1,1,1), DATE(YEAR(created),1,1)), "YY")

    a shortened version:

    =TEXT( DATE(YEAR(created) + IF(MONTH(created)>9,1,0),1,1), "YY")

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