I have Assignee field which accepts multiple values and its lookup column but whenever i try to post multiple values I am getting the below error

"Cannot convert a primitive value to the expected type 'Edm.Int32'. See the inner exception for more details."

var x=document.getElementById("AU").value

     for(var i=0;i<x.length;i++){
        // var user=[]
        // user.push([parseInt(x[i])])
        // var z=parseInt(x[i])
  • What are the values in variable x? It should convert in integer number. – Ganesh Sanap Jan 2 at 15:42
  • x has user id's – Sunil C Bhuyar Jan 2 at 16:02
  • AssigneeId: results: Array(1) 0: 22 length: 1 proto: Array(0) proto: Object – Sunil C Bhuyar Jan 2 at 16:05

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