Is that possible to print out version history at Sharepoint 2010? If possible, please advise.


I am not sure if I get it right, but I used to press CTRL+P when the version history is open. The CSS is smart enough to render the version history without navigation elements and other unwanted content. You get a pretty clean table. Try is with a XPS/PDF printer to see what I mean.

But since my answer is extremly simple, I might have misunderstood your problem.


I haven't seen any OOTB solution. I'm suggest you need to use third party solution or make custom development. For example, this tool allow export all items with history


You can use C# object model or PowerShell to generate a detailed version history report. Find the code snippets at: SharePoint Version History Report


What I did was to develop a new application page based on the original "versions.aspx" page, then I added some custom controls on the new page.

  1. Go to "/Template/Layouts/versions.aspx" and copy this page into your desktop or another location. Note: Please DO NOT modify the original versions.aspx page just copy it.

  2. Create an SP empty project on VS, and map the "Layouts" folder to the project

  3. Add the page to the mapped folder (ie Layouts/CustomVersionHistoryPage/versions.aspx)
  4. Modify the page as you want, I added the following controls:

    • Fluid Text Resizer (from Dynamic Drive) to adjust the text size on this page
    • Button to print only the version history information, not the page background (you can achieve this with a JS function)

enter image description here

  1. Create a "List Item Menu" (Custom Action) with SP Designer or Visual Studio, to the corresponding list, and add the following URL to navigate to your custom version history page:


enter image description here

Note: This solution works at Farm level, So you can add the same custom action to any lists on any site collection and it should work.

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