So I have devoured the internet with everything i can find regarding getting the microfeed to work, mainly revolving around permissions, distribution cache, and i even went as far as to delete the entire mysite webapp and rebuild it. Everything else under mysites appears to work fine.

Some people, mainly spadmin accounts, ie spadmin and spserviceapps have no problem using the feed.

Some people are unable to load the feed at all, getting an error "SharePoint returned the following error: Unable to connect to the remote server Contact your system administrator for help in resolving this problem."

While others are able to view anything posted by the spadmins, but can not post themselves getting the error, "Something went wrong This couldn't be posted because we're having some issues at the moment. Technical Details

SharePoint returned the following error: The operation failed because an internal error occurred. Internal type name: Microsoft.Office.Server.Microfeed.MicrofeedException. Internal error code: 28. Contact your system administrator for help in resolving this problem."

Any idea where to go next with this? Thanks.

  • Not sure what i did, but it is working now. I feel it has to do with one of these two things. under setup mysite, I changed Site Naming Format to "Domain and user name (will not have conflicts)", not sure how this would affect it. I also changed security trimming options to "Check all links for permission". – Lenny Franklin Dec 28 '18 at 16:53

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