I've created a Sharepoint list and would like each record in the list to have a unique identifier, starting with CASE-

I am leveraging the Site generated ID column (Hidden in the list view), by creating a new calculated column called `CASE ID' and using formula:


Whenever I refresh the formula it works, it will show CASE-01, CASE-02, CASE-03, but the next day it will revert back to CASE-00, CASE-00, CASE-00.

I do have a work-flow running in the back to refresh 'today' date (not sure if that has anything to do with it?)

Does anyone have a solution so that once CASE-01 is set, it doesn't revert to CASE-00?


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It is not supported to use ID in a calculated column. I have reproduced your issue. When the workflow which is used to update a field value runs, the ID value in calculated field will be changed to '0'.

To work around this issue, you need to use a Workflow to get the ID and set it to another field (e.g. 'itemID'). Use 'itemID' in the calculated field instead.

  1. Create a text field named 'itemID' and hide it in the form. List settings -> Content Types -> Click the content type -> Click the 'itemID' and select 'Hidden'.

    (If Content Types doesn't appear, click Advanced settings, and click Yes under Allow management of content types?, and then click OK.)

  2. Create a workflow and automatically run it when an item is created.

  3. In the workflow, Use 'Set Field in Current Item' action. Set 'itemID' to 'Current Item:ID'.

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