Does anybody have idea to fix below problem? Thanks.

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Your documents are added recently. In order to search them using search box you have to wait until they gets crawled in your environment.

Check below links for clarification:

  1. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/crawl-site-content

  2. List Search is not working in SharePoint Online


Please try/check below things:

  1. Re-indexing the all the content at the Search Service Application (Go to SSA > Index Reset under Crawling section) and then run a Full crawl. Then check the results.

  2. Delete your content source and recreate this content source. You can refer to below article:

2013 On premises SharePoint Search Crawl log returns error on The crawler could not communicate with the server

  1. Disable the LoopBackRequest in registry. To do this, just follow below steps:

    a. Go to command window and type regedit.exe.

    b. Once opened the registry editor, just navigate to:


    c. Right click on "Lsa" and create a new 32bit DWORD value.

    d. Rename it as "DisableLoopbackCheck" (Note: you cannot rename it actually. so, once created the DWORD value, directly paste/type as "DisableLoopbackCheck".

    e. Then again modify the value of "DisableLoopbackCheck" as "1".

    f. Close the registry editor. Now start to a full crawl.

If above all do not work, check methods in below article:



  • Thanks for your answer. I have 47 successes (people mysite) and 1 error into the default url : sharepoint.domain, the same error(the crawler could not communicate...), if i search people into search center, it's good and if i search a document, it's not work, have you an idea ? – Rodolphe Wachter Dec 28 '18 at 9:41

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