Looking to solve this issue IF Brand = A, B, C or D, then 'Special Brand'; otherwise (Brand = E and) if Buying Status = 1 or 2, then 'Top Tier'; Otherwise 'Bottom Tier'


First Column [Brand] Formula

IF(OR([Brand]="A",[Brand]="B",[Brand]="C",[Brand]="D"),"Special Brand","E")

If you need to show the [Brand] value if it's not equal A or B or C or D, then try the below one

IF(OR([Brand]="A",[Brand]="B",[Brand]="C",[Brand]="D"),"Special Brand",[Brand])

Second Column [Buying Status] Formula

IF(OR([Buying Status]="1",[Buying Status]="2"),"Top Tier","Bottom Tier")

Using the following formula:

IF(OR([Brand]="A",[Brand]="B",[Brand]="C",[Brand]="D"),"Special Brand",IF(AND([Brand]="E", OR([Buying Status]="1",[Buying Status]="2")),"Top Tier","Bottom Tier"))


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