I would like to know the appropriate procedure to refresh MySites in dev by using a production content database backup.

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In case, the two farms on the same domain, it is considered a simple

  • Backup ,
  • Dismount ,
  • Restore ,
  • Mount ,

Operations for the MySite Content Databases that hold site collections for each MySite.

In Production farm,

  • Specify the MySite web application and its content databases.
  • Open SQL Server Management Studio, Backup the content databases.
  • Move it to the Test DB Server.

In Test farm:

  • Specify the MySite web application and its content databases.

  • Dismount the current MySite web application content database.

      Dismount-SPContentDatabase "My Siye content database name"
  • Open SQL Server Management Studio, Take a database backup for the MySite web application content database to enable the rollback if the migration process failed.

    • De-attach the MySite Content database

    • Restore the Production MySite database backup.

  • Mount the New MySite content database for the web application.

     Mount-SPContentDatabase "" -DatabaseServer "" -WebApplication http://web app 
  • Test the mounted content database.

     Test-SPContentDatabase "content database name"
  • Verify that the My Site Host URL field on the User Profile Service application has the correct URL users should use to access the My Sites web application.

  • Hi, I followed the steps, ran the Mount-SPContentDatabase with the new DB and performed Test-SPContentDatabase successfully, the new database reflects correctly on the command prompt Get-SPContentDatabase. But on Central administration page, it is still showing the old content database, and the site collections does not appear. Can you please advise in this case?
    – Noorul
    Sep 4, 2023 at 12:09

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