I am using SharePoint online and have numerous charts in excel files displayed across 20+ sites using the excel web part. So I am confident my usage of this tool is correct.

I recently created a new excel audit tool and needed to display information from this on a site. I can successfully link the workbook and get it to display, but not any of the named items.

When I create a new test workbook and create charts in this, they load ok. However if I copy and paste data and charts from the 'problem workbook' into the new workbook, and update the data source to the new workbook they still do not load via the excel web part.

I am stumped... any help would be appreciated, I am even happy to provide a copy of the test file (with charts that load and charts that don't or even the original problem source file.

NB: I have tried every option in the 'Browser View Options' this has no affect on the problem charts.

Kind Regards Marc

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