I have a development SP Farm (along with Project Server) with following database version:

Configuration database version: 16.0.4534.1000

UAT SP Farm with following database version:

Configuration database version: 16.0.4600.1001

UAT SP Farm (only project server) with following database version:

Configuration database version: 16.0.4744.1000

Can I restore the site collections of UAT SP Farm into Development farm?

Or do i have to upgrade the Development Farm? If yes, should I upgrade it to DB version 16.0.4744.1000 ?

Server in dev as well as UAT are Windows Server 2012.

Any help and best practises in order to achieve above scenario is much appreciated!

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If you restore site collection from a higher version, you may meet an error about "Schema version does not match...". For this issue, I suggest you upgrade your development environment to 16.0.4744.1000. Then restore site collections.

In addition, there is a blog about restoring site collections from higher version without installing CU, you can have a try:
How to restore site collection from higher Sharepoint version


You can try doing this with following steps:

  • Make the backup of the Content database in UAT environment
  • Restore the database to the Dev database environment
  • Connect to the database using SQL Server Management Studio
  • Open the table Versions in edit mode and change the value in the Version column to 16.0.4534.1000 (if there are multiple rows there, you should change the value for the row with the largest value of Id column)
  • After this step the database should be ready and you can do the standard procedure (mount the content database)
  • Appreciate you response. But we do not access to the database in UAT environment. Is there any other solution? Dec 27, 2018 at 5:58
  • Please do not edit any SharePoint Database. You will lose Support on the entire Farm. Even if it is Development, we shouldn‘t give Bad-practise advise here.
    – MHeld
    Dec 27, 2018 at 8:21

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