To create External Content Types in SharePoint Online, i have created a WCF service and hosted it in IIS and it is working fine as shown below. WCF Service

Now, I tried to create External Content types using SharePoint Designer 2013. SharePoint Designer configurations

But, i'm facing this issue.


Web.config file Web config

Please kindly someone help me on this.

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Please make sure you have enable Publish Metadata for the WCF service. You can check the articles about how to Publish Metadata for a Service using a Configuration File.

WCF Tutorial - Introduction

If the issue exists, try to add the hostname of address to hosts file and check again.

  • Hello, Thank you for the reply. I have added Web config file in my question i guess i have added all the configurations. Also, in hosts file i have added my system ipaddress and host name still i face same issue.
    – Neha Ala
    Jan 8, 2019 at 7:31

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