Working within SP, I have two columns Tech Checkin and Tech Checkout with a third column titled Visit Duration.

The tech checkin and check out columns will contain a time only and are set as single line of text (I do not want a date populated in that column). The Visit Duration column should take the checkin and checkout times and create a sum equal to duration.

For example, tech check in is 12:00 PM and tech checkout is 1:27 PM. I want the Visit Duration column to read 1:27.

Is there a way to do this?


SharePoint doesn't have parsing functions to automatically convert text to times. I'd recommend using a datetime field anyway, as that prevents data entry issues as well as makes the time calculation much simpler. If you must allow users to enter text, a developer could add an event handler or implement an Azure function to parse the string and perform the calculation.

Or, for brittle solution that will break frequently:


The above will require times to be entered with leading zeroes, as:

06:00 am

And that's what a meant by brittle, if someone enters the time inconsistently, the function will throw an error. You'll also need to add an if statement to check for am/pm to conditionally add 12 hours to the first argument.


Using the following forumla:

INT(([Tech Checkout]-[Tech Checkin])*24)&":"&MOD(INT(([Tech Checkout]-[Tech Checkin])*1440),60)

enter image description here

Result: Tech Checkin and Tech Checkout are single line of text fields

enter image description here

Calculated Field Formulas

Calculated Field Formulas with demos

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