I m using office ui fabric dropdown with office ui accordion . Is there any way to reset accordion items to collapsed mode after changing dropdown value.

                placeholder="Choose One"
                label="Select A Value"
                ariaLabel="Basic dropdown example"
                    <Accordion defaultCollapsed={this.state.accordionCollapsed}>
                        <Accordion.Item titleProps={{ text: 'Member permissions Enable channel creation, adding apps and more' }} className="teamSettingsAccordionHeader" defaultCollapsed={this.state.accordionCollapsed}>
                            <Checkbox defaultChecked={this.state.allowCreateUpdateChannels} label='Allow creating and updating channels' boxSide="end" onChange={this._onCheckboxChange} />
                            <Checkbox defaultChecked={this.state.allowDeleteChannels} label='Allow members to delete and restore channels' boxSide="end" onChange={this._onCheckboxChange} />

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