I've got an issue when loading data with the jsom (JavaScript). I've included all fields, I want to load:

this.context.load(this.items, 'Include(ID,DocIcon,LinkFilename,FileRef,FileLeafRef,Title,ContentType,SupplierPGProduct,DocumentLanguage,Country,Customer,Industry,SubCategory,BusinessUnit,ValidityVersion,InternalUse,RestrictedToSpecificCustomer,ReportNo,Modified,ApprovedBy,UploadedBy,Invalid,File_x0020_Size,_dlc_DocId,KeyDocument)');

The issue is, that the request is working, when I delete the last field KeyDocument. This field is not present in all content types, but I have several fields, which are not present in all content types (i.e. SubCategory, Report etc.). When I add KeyDocument I always get the error:

An error occurred while fetching data. Please contact the system adminstrator.

Except, when I just query the content types, which have the field KeyDocument. This seems to me very weird, doesn't it? Can anybody help?

  • what is the type of the KeyDocument field? – Damjan Tomic Dec 19 '18 at 23:08
  • Boolean (Yes/No) – dns_nx Dec 20 '18 at 7:58

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