I am using pnp sp to retrieve the termset, i am using this:

const store: any = await taxonomy.termStores.getByName("Taxonomy_9D1X5aueEcT7a3LKqetQKw==");
        const sets: ITermSets = taxonomy.termStores.getByName("termstore name")
                .getTermSetsByName("Division", 1033);

        return sets;

i have also tried this, from the documentation:

// note that you can also use instances if you wanted to conduct multiple operations on a single store
const store: ITermStore = taxonomy.termStores.getByName("Taxonomy_v5o/SbcTE2cegwO2dtAN9l==");
const set: ITermSet = store.getTermSetById("0ba6845c-1468-4ec5-a5a8-718f1fb05431");

but i dont see anything that i can use from the returned value?

enter image description here

i need to retrieve the values from this Term Set: (Division)

enter image description here


In the documentation there's an example:

import { taxonomy, ITermStore, ITermSet } from "@pnp/sp-taxonomy";

const store: ITermStore = taxonomy.termStores.getByName("Taxonomy_v5o/SbcTE2cegwO2dtAN9l==");

const set = store.getTermSetsByName("my set", 1031).getById("0ba6845c-1468-4ec5-a5a8-718f1fb05431");

const setWithData = store.getTermSetsByName("my set", 1031).getByName("my set").get();

Notice the extra .getByName("my set").get(); after the getTermSetsByName call. So, I assume in your case you should add add an extra get() call.

Haven't tested it though.

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