The Background: I am developing Sharepoint Online Webparts on-demand. Sometimes the functionality of these Webparts include the use of Microsoft's "Graph-API" to access Data regarding Office 365 solutions (one example being Microsoft-Teams data). The WebParts are working just as expected in the Browser (except IE 11 and alike) on both PC and Mobile.

The point: However, when it comes to the Sharepoint Online Mobile-App, the functionality relying on MSGraph-API seems to have troubles.

My Diagnosis: As my WebPart Project Setups don't seem to have Testing Capability (but some some sources like this one suggest) I created a new WebPart dedicated solely to the use of the MSGraph API, testing various requests. As expected, this worked fine in the Browser but all requests threw/returned errors when issued on the SPO Mobile-App.

The Question: Has anyone had similar experiences and maybe found a solution to this problem? I am requesting a microsoft support ticket at this point but maybe there's just some information I've missed out on.

Regarding my setup:

  • I am using the React-Framework

  • I am using the sharepoint-generator ver. 1.6.0, gulp ver. 3.9.1 and gulp-cli ver. 2.0.1. When it comes to setting up a WebPart for development, I followed Microsofts Tutorial-Line for SPFx.

  • I am using the "MSGraphClient"-class to perform requests as suggested in this tutorial

  • As mentioned I tested various requests. Those are for example the ones my functionalities rely on as well as some others which I picked randomly (some are beta and some are v1.0) including some samples from the Graph-Explorer. My Test Webpart is telling me if the request was returned successfully or not.

  • did you manage to resolve your issues?
    – Lori
    Commented May 28, 2019 at 10:01
  • Yes I did. I will create an answer with a link to the gihub thread! Commented May 28, 2019 at 13:14

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So even though this issue no longer persists (as of May 2019), heres a link to the relevant comment (solution) I used to fix this issue. Long story short this was due to some problems on both AAD authentication and the client libraries so Micorosoft had to work on a fix for quite a while. As of now, the comment I linked to is the only solution to this problem and has to be done manually but they will implement an automatic fix in the time to come - as far as I know.

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