Is there a way to "trust" an SharePoint Add-in/App after it has been uploaded to the app catalog? Or eventually before/when it is added.

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The App is an SharePoint Add-in (.app file) and is hosted on Azure as a Web App. The installation prosess is: a Site Design triggers a Flow that activates a Function that executes a PowerShell script with Apply-PnPTemplate.

On Azure there is no connection to SharePoint so I guess this stops the installation.

When the App is added manually to a site there is a consent dialog popping up, and is there a way to avoid this? (with powershell or in the SharePoint admin center, or maybe something else)

Appreciate any thoughts and answers

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You should try ALM API:

ALM APIs provide simple APIs to manage deployment of your SharePoint Framework solutions and add-ins across your tenant.

With PnP-PowerShell you can add your app:

Add-PnPApp -Path ./myapp.sppkg -Scope Tenant

Deploy it:

Publish-PnPApp -Identity <app id> -SkipFeatureDeployment -Scope Tenant 

And install at any particular site:

Install-PnPApp -Identity <app id> -Scope Tenant

Office 365 CLI also has corresponding APIs.

  • I tried adding the App to the app catalog again with PowerShell and then Publish-PnPApp with correct ID -Scope Tenant and also -SkipFeatureDeployment parameters. But it fails: "Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object." Seems to be a known issue: github.com/SharePoint/PnP-PowerShell/issues/1296
    – Dogemaster
    Dec 18, 2018 at 10:01

Have you tried if setting the Tenant scope permission level to FullControl could fix the issue?

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