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So, I have a list of a item content type that has a Yes/No field. I reference this content type in a lookup relationship on a Document Library. From that lookup relationship I want to get the value of the Yes/No field.

Now I know that Choice fields are not allowed as lookup columns. So I created a calculated "single line text" field on the content type that strings out the value of my Yes/No field.

This calculated field works fine and well on the Item list. (If Column is checked the value of the calculated field changes to "Yes")...

Then on my document library when I look at my lookup field related [Additional] columns, I can see and select my work around Yes/No item text field! Awesome!


  1. The value that is shelled out on to the document library is not "Yes" or "No"... It's '1' or '0' respectively.

Which would not bother me really too much, but for number 2...

  1. The document library filter wont allow me to filter based on my calculated-related-lookup-column in any way that makes since.

I tride:

item:col [equal to] {1, 0, "1", "0"}

item:col [equal to] {Yes, YES, yes}

item:col [equal to] {True, TRUE, true}

Using [grater than] or [less than] gives some less than veried results...

I even thought about trying the ASCII integer values...

I am out of ideas. All I really want to do, is be able to filter on my wacky calculated-related-lookup-column. I don't care that it doesn't actually say Yes or No, but am wondering if that is a symptom to the solution of the problem!


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Okay, so after a little more testing. I was able to figure out it has something to do with a Yes/No "Calculated" field, and a Choice "Calculated" field.

Yes/No will give some boolean typed answer when looked up, but the filter does not know what to do with it.

A Choice will always be converted to a String which can be compared to. So I just created a Choice field on my Content Type and replicated the scenario and it works!

I would still be curious if any one can tell me what the Boolean lookup issue I was having before is.


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