I need to fetch task objects which are completing today using Rest API , Can anyone please suggest how can we use today option to filer the data?

I am using below query:

/api/Objects/Task?$filter=AssignmentFinish ge '" + today.toISOString() + "'

but getting an error as given below:

"ExceptionMessage": "Unrecognized 'Edm.String' literal 'datetime'\" today.toISOString()

Any help will be much appreciated.

  • is AssignmentFinish is date field? – Ganesh Sanap Dec 13 '18 at 10:53

Here is how you can filter dates in REST:

$filter=StartDate ge datetime'2014-01-01T00%3a00%3a00'

This filters for items created after 01-Jan-2014, 00:00:00.

So to filter between two date ranges, simply add another condition to the filter:

$filter=(StartDate ge datetime'2014-01-01T00%3a00%3a00') and (EndDate le datetime'2014-04-30T00%3a00%3a00')

This filters for items created between 01-Jan-2014 and 01-May-2014.

Just create your dates in the format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS, and then encode it (or simply use %3a instead of the colons).

  • Does this answer helps you? – Ganesh Sanap Dec 13 '18 at 12:34

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