I have a sharepoint role assignment that points to a SecurityGroup on my active directory.

  • DN = CN=Building Leasehold,CN=Users,DC=sp2016,DC=local
  • name = Building Leasehold
  • CN = Building Leasehold
  • samAccountName = $LB7000-2NLD9N72AB0B
  • displayName = Building Leasehold

I created a role assignment on a list and added Building Leasehold

Which active directory property does sharepoint use to match this? I had always assumed it was samAccountName but was surprised to see that it was not the case in this example.

The reason I am asking is because I am a web service user and I have queried for role assignments assigned to a list. And it will return SecurityGroup, Title=Building Leasehold and now I need to query ldap for the nested groups of this Building Leasehold group.

But I'm struggling to understand what value it queried ldap to get this with.

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