I am new to SharePoint usage, so sorry if my question seeems dumb, I did not yet find answer on the net.

I dropped a python script on SharePoint 2013 and want to run it from SharePoint. When I clic on it I got 3 options, Open/Save/Cancel. If I choose to open, a window console briefly opens then closes, but I do not have time to see anything. My script is a quizz, an automatic python script asking questions and giving answers at the end, it works correctly if I save it on my desktop and double-click on it for example.

If I cannot do that with python what are my solutions to run such a quizz directly from SharePoint ?

Thanks for your time !


I think you cannot run python script from SharePoint. Use 'survey' out-of-box SharePoint feature.
I didn't yet used this, may be there don't exists answer displaying. I think you can add answer by javascript code if it not exists. See this link for guide

Second way - repeat your logic in javascript code or create C# web part. Add this js code or web part to some SharePoint page. Your logic must save questions and people answers to SharePoint custom list or where you want.

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