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I have a list (let's call it List A) which creates tasks when a new item is created into a Task list (let's call it Tasks) with the start a task process action in SharePoint designer. The purpose of Tasks is approval by management.

Creators of items in List A provide financial information in a few columns which management needs to either approve or reject the item.

I got some complaints from management that they have to click too many times to review the item and make a decision (they have to click on the related item in each task and go to the item which triggered the task, then go back which is causing confusion for them).

My question is how to show this financial information in Tasks for each individual item based on the item in List A which generated the task?

Your help will be greatly appreciated!



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I guess the easiest way would be to modify the e-mail that is send out to the approver and add the fields that are needed to approve the request.

You can do this in the "start a task process" action in SPD when you click on the person to whom the task is assigned. You than should be able to modify the e-mail and include the fields from any list you want.

  • Thanks for your feedback! Although, this solution can provide the necessary information in the email I will still need this in the Tasks list in order to be able to run some KPIs and metrics. Dec 12, 2018 at 9:02
  • Okay, this wasn't obvious in the original question ;). To achieve this you have to have a unique identifier in List A where the items are created. Then you can add some look-up fields in the task list and gather the additional information from List A based on the identifier.
    – D.Kliemt
    Dec 13, 2018 at 8:14

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