I am trying to pull health data from a SharePoint Tenant using the Get-SCTenantEvent command. I do not have access to view this information on our organisations site, but i can see it on the Tenants site through delegated access. When we run the command however, it is failing.

$events = Get-SCTenantEvent -SCSession $O365Connection -Domains "clientdomain.onmicrosoft.com"

I am running the command using the normal Get-SCEvent on another SharePoint Online Instance and it works fine, its just when i try to access it using Delegated Access i have the problem. Do i need to be an administrator for the Instance i am going through as well as the site i am getting the data about with Delegated Access? Or can someone see a problem with the code? The domain name used is what displays on the Partners Interface.



As per the documentation You'll need to be a global administrator for an Office 365 Tenant or a delegated partner for an Office 365 tenant.

I would test with global admin and see i get the results.

A Powershell module for retrieving data from the Office 365 Service Communications API

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