On my home site, 3 sections: The banner and 2 web part containers.

  • The first container includes some text and links which were organized into two sections whose headings were bolded.

  • The second container includes a Calendar list web part.

I would like to Bold the word Calendar, but I cannot find where I would do that. It's worth mentioning that this is for SharePoint online and this particular page is in the classic view.

Side question: If I were to modernize this page, would I be able to style the calendar list name on this page? Or can it be done with SharePoint Designer?

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In classic experience, If you already enabled the custom scripts, you can add script editor web part with the below CSS:

.ms-WPTitle {font-weight:Bold !important; } 

Note: The above style will bold all web parts title in the page.

For a specific web part,

You can get the web part id for your calendar web part using IE developer tool(F12), then use the below style

<style type="text/css">
   font-weight:Bold !important;

Note: Replace the WebPartTitleWPQ3 with your own that you got using F12 Developer tools.

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