I'm built a simple Microsoft flow that is taking responses from a form and places the responses into a SharePoint library.

Trigger: When new response submitted (forms trigger) - this is set to the form

Action: Get response details - Form Id = Form, Response Id = 1

Action: Create an item (SharePoint) - site address = test site, list name test list name and then all the fields are mapped.

When I test the flow I get all green checkmarks, but then there is nothing in the SharePoint library.

The only thing I question is the Response Id. I set it to 1, but I don't know if that is correct. (It was recommended by a blog w/out any explanation)

There is some mention of this feature not working, but being resolved by Microsoft. I'm not seeing any errors with the flow, when I do a test run it runs correctly and no errors. Can anyone help with me with this?

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I figured it out.

Trigger When a new response is submitted

then box the rest in Apply to each

List of response get response details SharePoint Create item

enter image description here

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