I have a calculated column and would like to get a count of all the occurrences of "true". So the first row shudl return 3 and the next 2 etc.. Can this be achieved using calculated columns

Thanks in advance enter image description here

  • Is all column are single line of text column or Boolean(yes/no) columns? – Bharat Khunti Dec 7 '18 at 5:42

Below formula will be help you to calculate occurrences of "true". In below formula all columns(01 to 05) are text columns. If you are using other column type then need to update formula

=IF(LOWER([Column01])="true", 1, 0)+IF(LOWER([Column02])="true", 1, 0)+IF(LOWER([Column03])="true", 1, 0)+IF(LOWER([Column04])="true", 1, 0)+IF(LOWER([Column05])="true", 1, 0)

please refer below screenshot

enter image description here


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