I have a little confusion about this Storage Quota Allocated property in SharePoint Online.

If i ran Get-SPOTenant, I get the StorageQuota : 1304576 & StorageQuotaAllocated : 104962048.

StorageQuota property make sense as it is my total storage of the Tenant which is 1.24TB But what is this StorageQuotaAllocated(100TB) numbers are ?

Note: I check the Quota Allocated to all my Sites in the Tenant which 325TB (13 sites each with 25tb limit).

If i run the Get-SPOGeoStorageQuota then the results are same which are on our Tenant Admin page.

GeoLocation : NAM
GeoUsedStorageMB : 99
GeoAvailableStorageMB : 1304477
GeoAllocatedStorageMB : 0
TenantStorageMB : 1304576
QuotaType : Allocated

What is the StorageQuotaAllocated means? from where these numbers are coming?


The StorageQuotaAllocated gets the value of the storage quota that is allocated for all sites in the tenant.

And per my test in my SharePoint online environment, then I get the value of StorageQuotaAllocated. And it is the sitecollectionnumber*25TB.

More references:

Tenant.StorageQuotaAllocated property.

Manage site collection storage limits.

  • thank you for the answer, but Myster is still there, how it is calculated? as i mentioned i have 13 site collections and in that case it should be show as 325TB but it is showing 100 TB....how it calculate, which site collections it consider etc? – Waqas Sarwar MVP Dec 7 '18 at 14:00

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