I am wanting to rename a file name in a document library called "RenameAFile". Currently have the following file called "UD-PD-Documentattion.xlsx"

and I want add "DN" before the file name "UD-PD-Documentattion.xlsx".



Is this possible? Would anyone able to help?


  • when you want to change the file, once it uploaded or during the upload process or what? – Waqas Sarwar MVP Dec 6 '18 at 22:52

I manage to figure it out.

$Web = Get-SPWeb "http://yoursite.com/documentlib"
$DocLib = $Web.Lists["RenameAFile"]          
foreach($ListItem in $DocLib.Items)
             $ListItem["Name"] = "DN-"+$ListItem["Name"]
             $ListItem["Title"] = "Add DN"
         $ListItem.File.CheckIn("File Name Updated")     
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