We have a SharePoint library on a central location.

I would need to know if there is any way to export the Excel sheet automatically (without OOB solution)?

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You can do that by any periodically running code. Like @Aakash Maurya said you can do this by timerjob. Or PowerShell script, console app, site workflow, SSIS package, Windows Service with timer and etc.
If you add web service to get data from SharePoint then you can implement periodically running code at any platform - Linux, Mac OS and etc.
You can add list event receiver or list workflow that will export Excel file on event-based basis.
You create list item and your receiver or workflow will run logic to export data.

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  • is there any way, any client-side soln or approach for implementing this in SP Online, without using timer job or visual studio ? would like to use any JS framework, any client side soln only... – SaMolPP Dec 6 at 14:40
  • @SaMolPP you may give TableExport.js a try, it works well and it's easy to implement. – Salah Dec 6 at 14:55
  • @SaMolPP In my imagination in SP Online you have only workflows as periodically running code. Workflows has very limited capabilities. I don't know how to repeat fast some logic in out-of-box workflows but if you have Nintex workflows then you can try this solution: vadimtabakman.com/nintex-workflow-list-to-csv-uda.aspx. It will create CSV file that you can later open in Excel. Or another solution on Nintex: community.nintex.com/community/tech-blog/blog/2015/12/14/… with its Nintex Document Generation action – Vsevolod Vasilev Dec 6 at 15:08
  • @SaMolPP I don't know all SharePoint Online capabilities (only SP 2013). May be someone can suggest any modern solution. I talk about case where we must host our solution ONLY in SP Online. Salah If I understand correctly JS not applicable here. – Vsevolod Vasilev Dec 6 at 15:13
  • @Salah , can you elaborate a little bit. any sample available ... – SaMolPP Dec 6 at 16:02

What you have to do is, you have to build a Timer Job to do this job automatically on behalf of you.

The timer job can be scheduled to run daily or weekly or any scheduled time.

To know about timer jobs you can visit

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