I have a page that shows a library. The library has folders with documents in them. I want to give access to the folders in the library to different people and have the people see only the folders I give them access to see. Is that possible?

I've tried to stop inheriting from the parent on the page and on the library. Then I have a group of owners and a separate group of restricted users. I've shared one folder with each person in group of restricted users, but they can see the entire list of folders. Not what I want. I want them to only see the folder I shared with them.

Thank you.


You need to set unique permission for each folder. In short, if you do not want folder B be accessed by group A, do not give group A permission for folder B.

For example, give restricted users permission only to folder A, you need to remove their permission for folder B or C if you do not want them see other folders.

  • Thanks. We decided that the original site may have become "contaminated" with all the different things we did, so we created a new site. Using stop inheriting permissions was our focus and it worked the way we wanted, and expected, on the new site. – MartiR Dec 10 '18 at 18:44
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