Our Site Collection Regional Settings is set to +8.

We are experiencing problems in 2 areas:

{Today} in Result Source gets resolved differently for Result Source -> Test Query vs sp.search.js

We have a query ContentType:MyContentType AND ScheduleStartDate <= {Today}

Using Result Source -> Test Query, it returns the proper items.

However, using sp.search.js and JSOM returns nothing. On further investigation, it resolves a different date. For example, running a test on Dec. 5, 2018 11 AM:

  • Result Source Test Query : Dec. 5, 2018
  • sp.search.js : Dec. 4, 2018

Managed Property crawls different date and resolves it in a different time zone

We are using RefinableDate00 and RefinableDate01. Previously, it was working and returning proper dates. However, currently it seems to be returning -8 hours timezone. For example, given an Event with a Date Nov. 29, 2018 10:00 AM, managed property returns 2:00 AM.

Are we doing something wrong, or is this a bug on SharePoint Online?

Thank you

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