Is it possible to run single workflow instance for multiple items? I have spd 2010 workflow i have created and I would like to trigger the workflow via a button on a sharepoint page.

The trigger should cause the workflow to update each items not just one

I have read that my my options could be to use rest api/spservices

Will SPServices work with sharepoint online?

Any resources would be appreciated

  • What do you mean by multiple items? Do you mean items in different or in the same list? – Sunil Sahu Dec 5 at 5:32
  • Thanks Sunil i mean items in the same list. The workflow already in place and it run when item is updated. I would like to do a manual trigger where a user a click a button on a sharepoint page and triggers all the items in this list . Does this make sense? – naijacoder Dec 5 at 6:04
  • And what is the task you trying to do using workflow? – Sunil Sahu Dec 5 at 9:18
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There is rest api /_api/SP.WorkflowServices.WorkflowInstanceService.Current/StartWorkflowOnListItemBySubscriptionId(subscriptionId='subscriptionId',itemId='item id') to start workflow for single item, so you could iterate the items and start one by one.

You could check this thread for sample code.

  • Thanks Lee will give ita crack – naijacoder Dec 6 at 4:41

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